West Reunion Highlights! July 19 – 21, 2013, Richmond, Va.


“Reuniting the Past and Shaping the Future” 

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Richmond – Midlothian   http://holidayinnkoger.com/

About the reunion …

This reunion was a first for the descendants of Williamson Clanton and Mildred West, residents of Sussex County, Va. during the 19th century.  Their four children led descending family branches that by 1910 had settled in the following places:  the Perrys, Annapolis, Md.; Seaborns, remained in Sussex County; Wests, Norfolk, Va.; and Wilkins, Suffolk, Va.  Although later generations spread across the world, this reunion reunited about 100 of them.  Enjoy these highlights!

Banquet & program


Bright smiles of children enlivened the event.


Evelyn Doyle, Floyd Seaborn Jr., Courtney & Melissa Doyle


Jashir Atkinson

Multigenerational reunion

Twilight West, oldest attendee






Richard & Edna Coleman


Sonya Broady (l), Jon Scott & Roz Griffith

Erica Scott, Kristal Seaborn,  Danielle Wright.  Aniyah (front)

Apostle Tonya Green speaks


Roy Jones (l), Cheryl Scott, Roz Griffith & Emmett Jones

Geoffrey Coleman & guest


Cheryl Scott led Programs team

Kent & Regina Vinson

(L-R) Courtney, Ricky, Evelyn & Stuart Doyle. David in front.

Danielle Wright performs

Wests & Colemans

Twilight West: You go, girl!

Courtney A. (l) & Evelyn Doyle

Edna & Richard Coleman

Courtney & Melissa Doyle

Country Tour: Original kitchen @ Leavelle plantation

Country Tour: Roseville, the former Leavelle plantation

Country Tour: Leavelle root cellar

Country Tour: James & Josephine Seaborn

Country Tour: Kitchen front, pre-1880

Country Tour: The old Leavelle dinner bell

Jonathan Scott

Effie “Bea” Jones & Roy Jones

Melissa (l) & Courtney Doyle

Courtney Doyle & Rosalyn Griffith

Danielle Wright inspires …

Friends forever: Annette Young (l) and Effie Jones




Donald & Tallulah West




Seaborns: 3 generations

Cheryl Scott (l), Donald Walker & Marion Whitehurst

Edna & Nicole Coleman with Vivian Munsey (c)

Robert Gustas & Apostle Tonya Green

A bit weary after a long night

All smiles: Shirley Artis (l), Stuart Doyle & Cheryl Scott

Hands in the “cookie jar” at opening reception

Erinn Fridie (seated) listens to opening remarks

Wests-Seaborns-Wilkinses: Take 1

The Gustases & Colemans

Kristin Coleman (l) & Jennifer Atkinson

West-Seaborn-Wilkins: Take 2

Rosalyn Griffith (l) & Sonya Broady

Sonja Seabon (l) & Shirley Artis

West-Seaborn-Wilkins: Final Take!

Kent & Regina Vinson

Tonya Green, Wilson Seaborn (c) & Stuart Doyle

“#$@X!” think Nicole & Kristin Coleman while watching Tom (l) & Geoff Coleman

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