Family Tree

Williamson S. Clanton Jr. & Mildred West 

 of 19th Century Sussex County, Va.

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Williamson Clanton Jr. (1825-99) & Mildred West (1832-86) of Sussex County, Va.

Children2nd generation    
      Grandchildren 3rd generation






































Some of the Great-Grandchildren

4th Generation

Josephine West  (1859-1943) m. James Seaborn Sr.

Rosa Bell West (1861-1922) m. Robert Perry Sr.

Cora Lee West                    (1865-1911) m. John Wilkins

William West Sr. (1873-1942) m. Alice Ferebee
L. Blanche Seaborn (1881-1964) m. Walter Andrews

James Seaborn Jr. (1882-1950) m. Lelia M. Parker

Julia E. Seaborn (1884-1927) m. James Westbrook Sr.

Herbert P. Seaborn (1885-1960) m. Jimmie P. Spencer

Clifford Seaborn (1889-1966) m. Nettie Hobbs

George W. Seaborn (1891-early ‘60s)

Eddie W. Seaborn (1892-1982) m. (1) Annie Waller (2) Mattie Fitzgerald

Robert Seaborn (1893-1913)

Stephen D. Seaborn (1895-1978 m. Catherine Gill

Jesse Seaborn (1898-1983) m. Elizabeth Harvell

Mary M. Seaborn (1901-28) m. John Kates

Evelyn C. Perry (1887-1964)  

Robert L. Perry Jr. (1890-1970)


Lloyd V. Perry Sr. (1895-1978) m. (3) Dorothy Johnson (4) Melvina Carter


Arlethia Perry (1902 – 67)


Lafayette O. Perry (1904 – bef. 1970  m. (1) Beatrice Simms (2) Goldie Harris

Emmett C. Perry (1907-91) m. Elethia Josephs

Percy C. Wilkins (1890 -1966) 


Pearl Wilkins (1892 -1954) m. John Elliott 


Fannie Wilkins (1894 -1979) m. Henry Butler Sr.

Royal Wilkins (1897 -1985) m. Edward Jones

Namon Wilkins (1901 -56)

Rudolph West Sr. (1900-63) m. Cassandra Lee

 Hannah West (1901-86) m. William Myers

Ethel West (1903-98) m. Myles Sawyer

William West Jr. (b. 1905) m. Ann

Abner West Sr. (1907-50) m. Mary ?

Nathaniel West (b. 1910) m. Bernice ?

Alice West (1912-84) m. George Saunders

Caroline West (1914-92)

Pocahontas West (1916-89) m. Woodrow Bryant

Shirley West Artis   

Julia Seaborn Ashby

Rosalind West Barnes

Annie Seaborn Trapp Boykins

Annie Westbrook Brantley

Flossie Elliott Brown

Bernice Butler Buck

Robert H. Butler Jr.

Wallace Butler

Williams Butler

Blanche Seaborn Cary

Josephine Seaborn Doyle

Wilbert Elliott

Josephine Virginia Westbrook Gilmer

Dorothy Perry Harris   

William Clifford Jones

Margaret Seaborn Taylor Nichols

Lloyd V. Perry Jr.

Arlethia Perry-Johnson

Rosabelle Westbrook Johnson

Shirley Seaborn/Seabon Thomas Lee

Katherine Wilkins Reynolds

Gloria Sampson

Carroll P. Seaborn Sr.

Herbert L. Seaborn

James Seaborn III.

Clanton Seaborn Sr.

Ollie Seaborn Sr.

Paul Seaborn

Raymond D.  Seaborn

Warren Seaborn  

Floyd Seaborn

W. Wilson Seaborn

Edward “Buddy” Seaborn/Seabon Jr.

Lawrence Seaborn/Seabon

Robert W. Seaborn/Seabon

Gladys Seaborn/Seabon Simms

Doris Elliott Stagg

Juanita Bryant Stevens

Allie Seaborn Stith

Cora Lee Seaborn Street

Willie Mae Seaborn Sykes

Alice West Coleman Taylor

Mabel Seaborn Urquhart

Abner West

Abner West Jr.

Alfred West 

Angelia West

Charles West

Craig West

Donald West

Hilda West

Nathaniel West

Rudolph West Jr.

Samuel West

William West

Horace Westbrook

James Westbrook Jr.

Levi Westbrook

William Westbrook

Louise Seaborn Wyche Womack








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